Bright colours, bright faces and a very bright idea


Ivy was barely a week old, and that enemy of parents everywhere showed up: colic! In the midst of my frustration, sleep deprivation and many many tears, I came across a post on Facebook that gave me a small glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, I’d one day soon be comfortable leaving the house with her. That post was for a Connecting Mum’s event. 


Fast forward 6 months (don’t worry I have left the house before now) and off I went, with Ivy in tow, to our first ever Connecting Mum’s event; the tie dye workshop. It was everything exhausted-mom-to-a-newborn-with-colic me, had imagined it would be.


As we walked in we were greeted by the the sight of a beautiful boho style brunch set up and a warm welcome from Connecting Mum’s Katie. Most moms had a pram with them and there was a play corner set up for the babies. The play corner was adorned with two comfy looking armchairs, a welcome sight for a breastfeeding mom such as myself. 


The presenter, Alex, ran through each step of the tie dye process and we were then left to get creative. For some moms, this meant putting baby down in the pram and getting on with it, for others like me, this was no easy feat with a clingy, teething baby. Like colourful, tie dyed ray of sunshine, came both Katie and Alex to offer to hold Ivy so I could dye without stress, at one point I witnessed Katie rock another baby to sleep for a solid 20 minutes so his mom could have a break. 


This is not the kind of event where a screaming baby will illicit judgemental looks or comments, instead you will find a helping hand and a warm smile of reassurance, because we’ve all been there before.


If you’re at all nervous about being out in public with your baby, but you crave some social interaction, then I highly recommend a Connecting Mums event, Katie has created a safe space where moms can enjoy themselves - and create both lasting memories and a beautiful item to keep forever. 

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