About Us

Hi Mumma! 

I'm Katie, mum of two beautiful boys! My 4.yo Max is an energiser bunny and I have a gorgeous new baby boy, Billy who was born early January! I am also a passionate event planner. 

When I started my mum journey with my first boy, life was bloody hard!

I struggled with massive anxiety as my boy was a very unsettled bub who rarely slept and we were blessed with colic in our household so it was a very stressful time. 

I also didn't feel like myself. The only way I can describe it, I felt like I lost my identity. I felt like a different person and started a journey over the last four years to help find myself again. Who was I? Who am I now and how do I feel like me again?

That big piece of the puzzle for me was what, how and when can I do something for me? In the early newborn stage, I had a super clingy baby who didn't like being away from me. It got me thinking, how could I go and do something for me without having to leave him somewhere.

This is why I created Connecting mums. 

I am so excited to continue my mum journey this year with my beautiful new bub and so much more self awareness around filling my cup too. I can also confirm that on this journey, I have rediscovered myself. It wasn't about getting back to the old me. It was more about falling in love with the new me and surrounding myself with likeminded people and other mums because it really does take a village.

Now, don't get me wrong but I am still on this journey of discovery but I feel my purpose in life right now is to help mums. I want to create places for mums to go and do something for herself but she gets to bring her bub.

No more "I can't go to that event because I have a baby or kids".

I created Connecting Mums to create fun events focused on mum self care where mum can also bring her baby.

My vision is to create a place of crafternoons, inspirational workshops and events where you can meet other mums & feel like yourself again and we are always baby friendly!

Our events are inclusive and a safe place for mums to get out of the house and do an activity for them!

I can't wait to meet you at one of our events soon! 

You will be so glad you came.

Katie xx