About Us

Hi Mumma! 

I'm Katie, mum of a toddler and a passionate event planner. 

What I remember about this time, when my boy was a bub, is that life was bloody hard!

I felt like a different person and started a journey over the last, almost three years, to help find myself again. Who was I? Who am I now and how do I feel like me again?

That big piece of the puzzle for me was what, how and when can I do something for me? In the early newborn stage, I had a super clingy baby who didn't like being away from me. It got me thinking, how could I go and do something for me without having to leave him somewhere.

Now, don't get me wrong but I am still on this journey of discovery but I feel my purpose in life right now is to help mums. I want to create places for mum to go and do something for herself but she gets to bring her bub.

No more "I can't go to that event because I have a baby or kids".

I created Connecting Mums to create fun events focused on mum self care where mum can also bring her baby.

My vision is to create a place of crafternoons, inspirational workshops and events where you, Mumma, can fill your cup with your baby right there with you.

Our events are inclusive and a safe place for mums to get out of the house and do an activity for them!